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With the popular torrent site ISOHunt redirecting its US users to a new “lite” version which basically renders it useless to US users due to the crackdown by MPAA, I have been on the search for a new service to use. Like many people have done in the past I’m sure we will all just find a new source or service to use instead of giving up and going fully legit.

If you ask me this is just power and money hungry “media whores” trying to get every penny from anyone and everyone. If you go to other countries like Iraq, you can purchase illegal copies of DVDs at 10 for $5 way before the movie even gets released to DVD much less theater. Makers of movies make enough money as it is off of box office profits and need to let us (We the people) be more free (In a free country).


So now the question is what are we going to use? I made a post earlier about how to proxy your torrents to better protect you from your ISP and help you search torrent sites that would regularly be blocked by your ISP. But unfortunately there is filters now being used by the popular torrent sites, filtering out torrents based on a word database called FileRights.  In the future they plan to use FileRights but have not yet. Below you will find a list of replacements I found so far. The list from top to bottom is my favorite to least favorite.



Another alternative that you can still use until they and if they start using FileRights is to use a proxy server located in another country. I suggest you use a Canadian proxy as they are the closest to the United States. There are two ways to do this by altering your proxy settings in your browser or by going to an actual proxy site.

Proxy By Browser Settings List (Advanced)

Proxy By Site  List (No Setup)

Please let me know in a comment if there is anything better out there!

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  • Daniel Altenhoefen

    Ok first problem, what happens when a proxy server gets pushed to give up IP’s or be liable for distributing copyright material? Do you honestly think a Canadian Proxy is going to say “oh you can’t charge me!”? Hell they will give up your ip AND where you live just so they can live another day. Understand, when you are using a torrent for illegal acts you can’t hide, you are being recorded everywhere…. Most proxy servers keep logs, which I’m just going to assume would link your IP to theirs. Now how would they know who’s IP is getting the data? You can trace all traffic and it’s port exchanges back to the source, which is you. Now what? You are retarded for telling thousands of people to use a proxy. Lame ass retard.

  • Sel

    When it comes to doing the actual search for that illegal content you are perfectly safe to do that and I don’t care who is watching. It is not against the law to make a search for something on the internet. The proxy for searching is just a way to get around ISOHunt’s “Lite” version. Also depending on the country (Like Canada) they can not give away your personal information (Includes name, address, number, IP, ETC.) without your full consent.

    A Good example of why they can’t press charges against someone for doing a search is lets say I search for “The Wolf Man 2010″ on google and I get a torrent link to an illegal video of that movie when really all I wanted is to look up the main actors of the movie. Does this mean someone gets to press charges against me?

    Or lets say I go to ISOHUNT.COM to look for some really cool backgrounds or wallpapers for Avatar and I do an Avatar search and get a bunch of illegal movies of Avatar. Does this mean I downloaded those? Or does this mean they get to charge me for downloading those?


    As for downloading right now a lot of people are using (For downloading), and what is really neat about it and the main purpose about it is the fact that it is located in Canada. Canada has the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act or PIPEDA Act where they can not disclose your information to any other company without your full consent (Permission) and HOW they are allowed to disclose your information to that company. So basically when someone tries to go after someone using BTGuard they will be directed to BTGuard and BTGuard will be unable to disclose any information about who is downloading what unless given permission by the downloader.

    And if you think about it I’m sure they are NOT the data center and so in reality the person is going to hit the data center the data center is not going to be able to release BTGuard’s information and BTguard is not going to be able to release its customers information so the most that can happen is BTGuard’s servers get shut down by the data center to keep the data center from receiving any kind of legal actions towards them (Happens all the time).

    Also on top of that a lot of these proxies do not record your information about who downloaded what and when so tracking something down AFTER THE FACT will be very difficult. also there is millions of proxy hits every day so are going to have to flush that log sometime if they even have one.

    There is ALWAYS going to be a way to get public data that you want, you just have to be on top of the latest ways to intercept and receive that data.

  • Dan A

    You still assume it’s for legal activities. This is an exert straight off BT website: – TERMS OF SERVICE

    Use of proxy service is provided by Netcrawled LLC, subject to the notices, terms, and conditions set forth below and on the web sites. We may regularly amend these notices, terms and conditions at any time without prior notice by posting new or revised terms of use policies and other documents on the web sites. PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING OUR SERVICES. USE OF PROXY SERVICE CONSTITUTES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF ALL SUCH NOTICES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

    You will not use this service for hacking, DOS attacks, or SPAM related activities.
    You will not share your account with others, if we see multiple IPs connecting to your account it will be terminated, and in this instance no refund will be given.
    You will not conduct illegal activites.
    You understand and agree that you are soley responsible for all your activities using our service.
    You understand and agree that you are soley responsible for special, consequential, or exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses. ”

    “You will not conduct illegal activites.”

    “You will not conduct illegal activites.”

    “You will not conduct illegal activites.”

    “You will not conduct illegal activites.”

    Oh did I forget about “You will not conduct illegal activites.”?

    As I’ll state for everyone, BT and proxy is pointless! If your using it for legal purposes you have no need for a proxy, and if you aren’t I’m pretty sure that the line above would qualify you breaking the terms and conditions of BTguard and would then break the contract you and the “company” have making it completely legal for them to disclose your info. (the idea of the proxy needing to avoid it’s own charges they will give you up, it’s inevitable)

    And even if you get a proxy, that still won’t keep your ISP from snooping if they wanted. As all in all YOUR IP has to connect to the proxy…. Which means data is still traveling on your ISP’s network at some point. It’s like roads, even if in the country you get your illegal activities in it’s legal you still can’t bring them back home.

    I’ve researched this off and on for a while, people don’t seem to understand how retarded it is to use a proxy and think all is safe.

    • Sel

      You fail to read the whole thing. Make sure you read/post the whole TOS before hand. Like I said in the beginning your data is safe in regards to it being handed over to a 3rd party. They can take it to court and unless the COURT ORDERS them to reveal customer information for people downloading illegal activities you are COMPLETELY SAFE. And if you read this post and my comment in regards to your first YOU ARE COMPLETELY SAFE TO USE SEARCH TERMS THAT WILL SHOW ILLEGAL CONTENT AND THE PURPOSE OF THIS POST IS TO SHOW YOU HOW TO GET AROUND ISOHUNTS “LITE” VERSION OR USE ALTERNATIVES. You show me one court document or letter or letter from agencies finding “Pirates” where they warned/took legal actions agaisnt someone for SEARCHING.

      By the way here is the REST of the TOS that you failed to copy.

      Failure to comply with the rules above will result in a refund & termination of your account. Your personal information will never be exposed to a third party without a court order.

  • Dan A

    The ONLY way to get a safe proxy is to use an off shore proxy… There are a few countries that have no copyright laws… I’m not going to name where, and I’m not going to name the servers/sites that employ such… All I’m going to say is I used to work for a website that was hosted off shore (that’s what we called it). The reason we did it was so we didn’t have to pay for VBB =) and we got away with it, but since they don’t go by conventional laws our server was under constant DDOS attacks. =( Made us angry, but what can you do?

    • Sel

      Offshore is not the only way. Take a look at They are always getting threats from agencies and they always laugh about it. And look at ISOHunt they are STILL up just a light version for US users to prove a point to the court that it is JUST A SEARCH as im trying to prove to you. They are not downloading the content or providing the content for downloading. They are ONLY indexing much like (Actually just like) Google. And as a Google user would search for something we are doing the same regardless of the results we are not held reliable for downloading something just because we conducted a search and within the results was that illegal content.

      • Dan A

        And that’s not actually holding the data. Torrents themselvs aren’t even illegal. You can have 100x torrents on your computer, its when you start using them to obtain/share the data that it becomes illegal.

  • Dan A

    and popular among isp’s…..

    Roll the die or stay legit, that’s the reality.

    • Dan A

      Use VPN, that would essentially negate and it’s way better than proxy.

    • Sel

      That is FBI, FBI falls under US. BTGUARD is in Canada. All they will know is I go to BTGUARD or that I go to a proxy site. so what! I’m starting to think you work for one of these companies trying to stop it all like the “Internet Sherif” Besides even if it went to canada the ISP is holding data for a customer that they can not disclose without 1 of 2 things. CUSTOMERS OK or COURT ORDER.

  • Kate

    Sel, I don’t know why you haven’t tried yet such torrent site as I think all your demand will be satisfied with its service

  • Yodaj3diknight

    All the sites mentioned above have been blocked in Bangalore, India with a “Blocked by court order” (my provider is Airtel). Mediaafire doesn’t work nor does anymore.:(

    • syssu

      If your ISP is blocking stuff then you might be better off just switching to a Sweedbox located in another country. Some seedboxes offer VPN connections and/or allow you to surf the web through the VPS browser. You can find out more on my article located at

      • Yodaj3diknight

         Thanks for the suggestion, syssu. Two related problems – I’m not net-savvy and the seedbox you reccommended is a paid service. Downloading torrents was simple enough with and isohunt. And if I’m going to pay 35 usd to download torrents, I might as well catch the movie in a local theater where the ticket is around 1.80 usd and switch from unlimited to a limited broadband paying only half of what I now pay … see what I mean? They’ve really got us lazy ones with this court order.

        • syssu

           You can also try private trackers as those might not be blocked by your ISP and private trackers are always a better choice than public ones.

          • Yodaj3diknight

            Hey syssu,
    is blocked too by Airtel. I’ve been checking all the torrent sites and it looks like viturally every movie site has been hit. But I’m able to dl a few torrents every other day on before a block (strange that!). Very few seeders around though, so looks like dling is going to be painfully slow.

            Seedboxes sound interesting, but I’m resentful of making any change at all to accommodate the ban, lol. I’m mad enough to boycott movies and go back to reading books with this MPAA ban reaching overseas to police us in India. Thanks for your suggestions – I’ll keep private trackers in mind in case I run across anyone inviting.:)

  • hamzic or works if you want to buypass the blockade

  • gg

    So…..theres no way to get free music anymore??

    • syssu

      There is always a way, even legal ways. has a free service. has a free more limited service. And there is a lot more out there.

      You can also check out private trackers for illegal downloads.

    • ThreeCheeseFondue

      You know, you could always, uh, pay for it.

  • Pawel

    tor on usb stick works for me.

    here’s also a nice bt site:

  • Pawel

    UTorrent has a build in encrypted upload option in settings, set to force encrypt.
    Download the free aTube catcher, it comes with a MP3 Downloader, if you only want to Dl music, gets lots of results, even hard to find songs at all bitrates.

    • syssu

      Encrypting traffic would only stop a 3rd party such as your ISP from seeing what you are downloading. However most people are caught by companies that become part of the hive and collect user data as they leech/seed the torrent, I don’t think encryption would help here so be careful! Also what is aTube, is that a tracker?